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Pine Valley

Pine Valley Summer Camp
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Welcome to Pine Valley Summer Camp! Those of you who have not joined us in previous years have all the fun and thrills to encounter for the first time that our veteran kids keep coming back for. Though, due to the success of last year, we have added more features to our camp so that your Summer will truly be the time of your life! Parents, rest assured that your children will be in safe hands as all of our staff have gone through extensive record checks and have each been trained in child care and in any activity they have been chosen to lead. With an on-site medical centre with extremely qualified staff, your children are as safe as they could be.

With over one hundred different activities for our campers to take part in it's often a job just to get the campers to leave at the end of the season as they have made such great friends and memories while here. Places are limited so book now!

Our Campgrounds

The rules.

1. Be respectful! This is a big one, respect everyone in the community.

2. Sorry but NO original characters allowed.

3. Do not mix up IC and OOC things. If someone tells you information ooc, do not include it in your roleplaying. Also, if you are having a bad day dont let it affect your character, or vica-verca.

4. Any kind of pregnancies are NOT allowed here. Remember, these are kids we're talking about.

5. Please be somewhat realistic, meaning don't have your characters fall in love, get robbed, and have their great grandma die all in the span of a week.

6. Where it says "What did you do?" please write "I killed a man." in your application. Yes this makes no sense, but it's to show you read the rules.

7. No marriages. I don't know what kind of camps other people go to, but this one does not have a chapel.

8. Post a disclaimer.

9. Please ask the mod if you have any questions, and report anyone who is abusing the community to the mod.

10. Forget about #6. Just write 'I read them.'

11. Post your applications at the proper post.

12. Make sure to add the community and friend it, and add and friend every member.
13. No girls allowed, sorry. This is a boy's only camp.
14. Once again. BE REALISTIC. Over the top storylines and characters will result in a warning, and if the action continues you will be removed.
15. Have some fun.